She Listens To Her Patients

I became a patient of Dr. Price nine years ago when I need to order contact lenses. I had ordered contacts for many years from many eye doctors and it was always just a routine exam. I quickly realized that my exam from Dr. Price was more than routine. She was very thorough. As a result of that exam, she discovered a problem with my eyes that could have had some very serious consequences. This issue had been there for some time and had never been brought to my attention. She sent me to an eye surgeon and his opinion concurred with her finding and her suggestions for treatment. Because of her thoroughness, I avoided a serious problem with my eyes.

Her exams have uncovered several issues that had the potential to cause problems. On several occasions, Dr. Price referred me to other specialists who were excellent. One was an eye surgeon who performed a difficult surgery on me.

I have always felt that I have been well looked-after by Dr. Price because she listens to her patients and gives a great deal of thought to their care.